Microscopy Service 10 Plus


We in know the importance of having the optical instruments always in perfect condition in order to take full advantage of them.

That's why we created the Microscopy 10+ Technical Services whose name stands for the 10 most important points to ensure smooth and perfect operation of a microscope:



Why choose our Microscopy 10+ service?

▪          All our services have 1 year warranty

▪ delivers a full report with all work done under the microscope.

▪          The Microscopy 10+ service was designed to meet the special needs of Schools, Universities, Industries, Laboratories as well as private users.

▪          You will be given a Cleaning equipment of a value of 45 EUR for each Microscopy 10+ service done by

▪          If you hire our service for 3 or more microscopes we will be pleased to give a Cleaning Kit.


 The rates of our Microscopy 10+ Technical Services are the following:

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